About Us

Sri Y V Seshachalam started the company in a humble way at Korukupet in Chennai in the year 1945 under the name of Y V Seshachalam & Co.

Sri Y V Seshachalam faced a stiff competition to sell his good quality product from unorganized sector that were penetrating deep into the market with inferior quality Kumkum at cheaper prices.

Soon Sri Seshachalam realized that a brand name has to be created for the supply of quality Kumkum and thus emerged the brand name "GOPURAM" in the year 1950 and registered under "Trade Mark and Registration Act" during the year 1952. From 1950 to 1966, Sri YVS has worked hard and advertised the product well over Tamil nadu so that the brand "Gopuram" reaches every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu as a household name.

In the meantime during the year 1955 Sri Y V Seshachalam opened a branch at Bangalore in Karnataka for a wider reach.

Sri Y V Seshachalam's elder son Sri Y V Harikrishna joined his father and started involving in the business on part time basis from 1966 after completing schooling and started full time concentration after his graduation from 1972.

Sri Y V Harikrishna, a great visionary showed a lot of zeal and interest in the business because of his innovative ideas, new shops at Audiappa Street at George town area in Chennai were opened in the year 1986.

To meet the ever growing market demand, Sri Y V Harikrishna has expanded and shifted the factory under the name of "YVS Kumkum Company" with new machineries for manufacture of Kumkum at Bandikavanur a suburb of Chennai in the year 1998.

During the year 2004 Sri Y V Niranjan Krishna, son of Sri Y V Harikrishna, an enterprising young MBA graduate from Cardiff University U K. joined his father in the business. To improve the supply of turmeric powder a separate factory under the name of "YVS Spices & Co" was opened at Azhinjivakam headed by Sri Y V Niranjan Krishna.

YVS Spices & Co had obtained "Agmark" licenses for their Edible Turmeric and chilly Powder brands which again prove the best quality of our products.

Under the able guidance of Sri Y V Harikrishna and Y V Niranjan Krishna the company has been growing year after year and we have branches in Bangalore and Vijayawada and a wide net work of dealers in the country.